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Free Speech Coalition is a Mafia Front Group: Part 6

Here are just a few of the threats, including death threats, that have been directed at Monica Foster on account of her exposing dangerous individuals within the porn industry. There is currently a network of individuals connected to therealpornwikileaks and xxxpt who are devoted to slandering and defaming her. This group, including Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder and more, has set up multiple online accounts, a web site and a twitter feed exclusively for the purpose of attacking Monica Foster. Every single one of these indivuduals needs to be apprehended and investigated for cyberstalking, slander and coercion.

Whiteacre writes “When some friendless people die suddenly in their homes NO ONE cares or bothers to investigate until they smell something funny.”

Whiteacre tweets “When an animal's daily life is torture its only true relief is a quick death.” As can be seen below, the particular image of a hamster used in this tweet was also used in a twitter account set up for the purpose of cyberstalking Monica Foster and threatening her with murder for speaking about organized crime in the porn industry.

Monica Foster's work in exposing porn industry corruption has resulted in her being stalked and threatened by the mafia. Some of these threats were retweeted as part of a non-funny
'joke" by someone named “Cindi Spiegler” who is probably attached to porn agent and alleged pimp for, Mark Spiegler.

Monica has stated that Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass obtained the following screen cap by hacking into her computer while she was working as a web cam model. Notice he says “who's that at the door?'
This is a veiled threat considering that, a day earlier, Whiteacre's twitter feed was full of references to how he was traveling to Vegas, particularly the Henderson area where Monica lives. The first tweet also appears to be slander because Monica was too coherent on Twitter that night to be intoxicated as Whiteacre accuses her of being.

Here is Whiteacre (legal name Ari Bass) referencing his trip to Henderson.

On the same day as his trip to Henderson Whiteacre retweeted a post by, an account set up to harass and intimidate Monica Foster.

The twitter account set up to stalk Monica Foster, whose posts were retweeted by Whiteacre on multiple occasions, references Monica being hospitalized while mocking her for being raped. Monica had recently written on her website about being raped by Chase Styles and the authors behing are mocking her for this. These people are psychopaths who need to be brought before a judge for cybercrime.

Twitter users MonicaFAH and Jamieprofit joke about Monica being beaten

Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass was recently interviewed as an adult entertainment industry representative by Notice that it's just about impossible to find anything beyond the most rudimentary employment history for this guy. Is Whiteacre's lack of online employment history an indication of his alleged past in pimping? The following quote seems to suggest that this may be the case: "Around the time of the recession, “the cracks started to show in the economic model,” says Michael Whiteacre, a writer and industry activist who helps run the website the Real Porn Wiki Leaks. “You had piracy. The Internet that made the industry all this money was killing it.”....Because escorting is more profitable than shooting films, many view it in the same vein as feature dancing or doing interactive cam work: as a way to advertise themselves and earn extra cash in an increasingly competitive market. “The vast majority of performers who escort see it as part of one of their multiple revenue streams, because that’s what you need in the adult industry today,” says Whiteacre. “If you’re just waiting around for a booking from adult producers, it’s very hard to make ends meet.”

Twitter user Cindi Spiegler retweets a MonicaFAH (fake twitter profile set up to harass the actual Monica) tweet that states “Sorry I've been MIA. I mixed Valtrex and Lithium and had a horrible allergic reaction. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my wine intake.” Who is Cindi Spiegler and why is she so happy about Monica Foster being hospitalized? Are the psychopaths attached to the Free Speech Coalition announcing their intention to forcibly drug and assault Monica? This post is intended as a threat and the group of people who are retweeting these posts are obviously aware of that fact.

Cindi Spiegler states “It appears that someone has been drinking rather vigorously” immediately after a post mocking Monica for being raped by Chase Styles.

Is Cindi Spiegler intended to represent alleged pimp for, Mark Spiegler, pictured above? Monica previously stated that someone connected to Mark Spiegler had attempted to break into her home. She has also written about how porn agent Spiegler is involved with pimping the girls he represents.

[B]In the following post Monica writes about how an adult performer apparently attached to Spiegler Girls was stalked and harassed when she attempted to leave the porn industry. The Spiegler Girls employee had been working with an agency named JG Models that allegedly attempts to coerce young girls into unwanted sexual activity using stalking and verbal abuse.

Was Kaylee Hayes bullied into performing in porn, stalked after leaving porn and now defamed and slandered for choosing another path in life? Sure looks that way…Attention Pornstars – DUMP YOUR AGENT NOW! In my opinion, the only pornstars who utilize agents like Derek Hay and Spiegler in today’s adult entertainment economic climate, are the pornstars who are escorting through organized crime run illegal escort rings
Was Kaylee Hayes bullied into performing in porn, stalked after leaving porn and now defamed and slandered for choosing another path in life? Sure looks that way…Earlier this month, many stories and rumors circulated on various adult industry blogs and forums (such as in regards to a performer using the stage name Kaylee Hays.
Apparently she shot a couple of scenes but then decided that working in porn was not right for her.
Since her departure many slanderous and defamatory posts have been written about “Kaylee”, .....Upon doing a bit of research, I found JG Models currently is using social networking platforms (primarily twitter it seems) to market their talent roster. As of current the following women appear to be available for booking via [email][/email] From what I can extrapolate, whoever JGmodels is, is a recruiter who lures young women from the traditional modeling arenas such as into the porn circuit. Once whoever JG models is, is certain that the young woman is open to performing in porn, she is then routed to one of the more established adult agencies such as (inJayden Lee’s case it seems) or[B][/B] (as it appears in the situation of **** **** – in fact as of current though [B]Mark Spiegler is listed as her point of contact on her twitter[/B] – she doesn’t appear on his website – yet). As of current I’m not the only one who’s sensing something strange in this situation (I almost want to use the term trafficking). I won’t divulge my theory as to what exactly is taking place in this instance just yet – but I suggest my readers login to to read what adult star ClayraBeau has to say…

“Anyone else get the impression that this "agent" is somehow full of shit? Anyone that's followed my conversations enough knows I hate bullshit wannabe pimps that claim to be agents. I can't find a site listed for them to figure out where they're based, and it's a little weird that their advertised email address is just a Gmail account. Then I start hearing rumors that the girls associated with this "agent" aren't really running their own social accounts (Twitter, ADT, etc), and I have to wonder if this "agent" carries a license and bond like most legit agents are required to in most of the places that shoot. Looking over the Twitter accounts for some of the girls associated with this, they seem to be the fakey-fake kinds of stuff we see when a goon who thinks he can do PR gets a hold of an account. Seriously, they read like the spam shit you get from cam bots. Anyone got any info? If someone has a site or a license number, I'd love to see it.”

Here are a number of websites owned by Monica Foster aka Alexandra Meyers. Show her some support. Even if you don't agree with her methods nobody deserves to be attacked and terrorized for exposing mafia activity in the porn industry.

Another porn agent mentioned in the post above is Derek Hay, who is widely rumored to be a recruiter and pimp for Hay is the owner of LA Direct Models, a talent agency which has been an open supporter of the Free Speech Coalition. He has been legally represented by attorney and former FSC Board Member Al Gelbard. Apparently he has been able to flagrantly violate the law through his high society connections. In the past Hay worked as a stage manager for acts including The Rolling Stones, Queen and Metallica.

Here's more about Derek Hay from former porn producer Rob Black:
In the end, the management of are nothing but a bunch of school yard bullies and parasites who pay naive talent to have the shit beat out of them. That was the message delivered Wednesday afternoon by Rob Black.
Black went specifically after owner Peter Acworth and Princess Donna who directs movies for the company....In discussing the history of BDSM where companies like Bizarre Video and Gotham Video ruled the roost for many years, Black said care was taken to hire talent who were into the lifestyle.
“When you flew to New York, they wouldn’t beat the shit out of you where you would cry hysterically.”...“They need to get 19 year-old girls who don’t know this lifestyle and have Derek Hay send them up to San Francisco for his 30% to Princess Donna so she can beat beautiful people. Princess Donna and people like that get off making little blonde Barbies cry.”

Black is now referring to Hay as “Zoltar,” Black’s catchall name for a terrorist.
“So now Zoltar has called Princess Donna that he’s got a fresh one. He’s got a 19 year-old girl on her way to San Francisco,” where Black notes Acworth got arrested for cocaine possession...“Peter Acworth, you got busted for coke....You take 19 year- old girls and torture them against their will. But they feel if they do or say something wrong their agents will be mad at them.”....the nice girls are being sent to Kink. And when they get there, they’re asked, ‘What’s your pain threshhold?
‘What do you mean?’
‘This is bondage it gets rough.’
‘I don’t know.’
….Black said that if you watch a Kink video carefully you’ll notice that action comes to a cut every so often. “That’s because the girl is yelling out her safe word. The cut is when everyone goes to her and says you’ve experienced the lifestyle. Doesn’t that feel good? “These girls are perfectly normal and want to be the next Jenna Jameson or in Playboy,” says Black. “She’s perfectly sane and rational, but they’re at Kink getting the shit beat out of them. She’s screaming, ‘I’m sorry I ruined your movie. Don’t tell my agent.’ “Kink and Peter Acworth are scumbags human pieces of garbage,” Black concludes.
“That survey Peter Acworth talks about in his blog on condoms? That’s the same talent from Spiegler and Zoltar that’s being beaten. That’s the same talent that gave a survey and said they don’t like condoms. So when Princess Donna is punching a girl’s face, she’s taking a survey of a girl who hates condoms?”
Black says Acworth either has to be a coke freak or must be supplying coke to the talent to get the shit beat out of them. “You need to be deported,” said Black addressing Acworth....“Peter, shut the fuck up. Don’t blog any more. Your company’s not safe. You got lawsuits that are coming. You got politicians coming for you. You are on borrowed time, and are on the radar.....Get the fuck out of our country. Let’s close the borders to you. You are ruining this business. I want Morality in Media to go after you. I am begging that they go after you, and I am begging LAPD Vice to go after the agents.”

Desi Foxx comments:
According to news from a new adult forum, LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay is being investigated by Los Angeles Times reporter, Andrew Blankstein. Blankstein covers crime for the paper and wrote extensively about the Steve Driver murder/suicide last summer.
Rumors have encircled LA Direct Models for at least five years. Although there have been stories that the agency was raided by the FBI, I’ve seen no real evidence of that occurring. However, the latest list of accusations against Derek Hay and LA Direct Models is simply disturbing:
• running a national and international prostitution ring
• a human trafficking ring
• theft from employees
• blackmail
• illegal misrepresentations of having attorney status
• drug trafficking
• forgery of passports
• mortgage fraud
• money laundering
• forcing girls to perform sexual favors/scenes
• illicit drug use
• over-extending his visa
• providing alcohol to minors

“He owns a site called which you can see has tons of LA Direct Models Girls on it and they have been bareback escorting or hooking as you would call it for big bucks for a while. Like I said this HIV break out is a lot bigger than AIM or the porn industry is going to tell you. If you noticed a lot of girls twitters has disappeared and so have they....What’s even more interesting is the way it works. [B]A woman comes into LA Direct Models office and after signing one of his illegal 2 year contracts they are told they will have to pay 20% commission for the first month to Derek and then 15% after that. Doesn’t the law say a agent cant take more than 10% [/B]WTF?

Then Derek tells them they need to call Karen aka Adonia to signup to to do private bareback sessions for wealthy clients for big bucks but Derek will get 20% of what they do there as well, when in fact he owns it. By the way the girls work for 400 dollars a hour on average but sometimes get thousands. Then after they signup they get another 20% or more taken from and Derek claims he has nothing to do with any of it. WOW JUST WOW. Derek ends up getting 40% of what the girls making bareback hooking! No wonder he drives a Bentley. is co-owned by LA Direct.

Funny. If anyone wants to see a screen shot of it before they realized their f**k up and cover up with a private registration, please drop me a note.
Yes people, LA Direct Inc is now a partner in an escort agency, which seems like a bit of a conflict of interest and bugs me. But not surprising at all given their pimp hand tactics with their porn agency and some of their girls (ie: power of attorney and exclusivity clause, various bully tactics that fill Derek Hay’s pockets with the cars and homes he owns and makes many of them rent, dating girls on his roster and playing favorites with them, fucking with girls that don’t play the game with him, hooking up Photogirls with girls, the 5% kickbacks from Michelle Braun). A few girls that have been with their agency in the past have cried on my shoulder about the dude that owns it. I’m sure a few girls formerly with him and now with other agencies would gladly chime in on this topic. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

Mike South writes:
UH OH! I got several tips today that several girls “working” for Derek hay got subpoenas.

more on Hay from Lukeisback. This information suggests Hay's mafia affiliations:
A bunch of heavyweight industry people including Dan Davis, Jeff Mullen, Scott David, Wicked Pictures, Brad Thomas, LA Direct Skinworx and a few others got together to sponsor the official Exotica and Fame Awards party Saturday night at LaVida in Hollywood and all hell broke loose.
What was a fantastic night with beautiful porn stars, Hollywood types, tits, ass and a great vibe quickly went out of control when [B]a table of Russian mobsters provoked Derek Hays girlfriend Breanne Benson into throwing a response punch. The incident was soon stopped but later erupted into another violent scene[/B] that included tables overturned when a few of their girlfriends starting up with the porn chicks.
Kenny Styles, Mr. Pete, Derek Hay, Russian money guys, Wicked girls like Kaylani Lei and other girls throwing punches in a scene right out of a Clint Eastwood movie.

more from Rob Black:
Black’s suspicion is that Acworth will roll over and make deals with the Feds like Steve Hirsch and Marc Carriere did. “Acworth has already got that exit strategy,” said Black. “We’ve established these are girls coming from Spiegler, Derek Hay, Foxx Modeling where Chris comes to your room and fucks you in the middle of the night- all you girls keep working for Kink and keep working during the moratorium. “
“Are they working with law enforcement so they can run with impunity while everyone else in California and the United States get busted.... want to do a check and find out who these people are. I never knew there were these big shot pimps. You guys are criminals. You’re from New York, who are you paying to operate? “Are you paying the Feds?...I need to know how Luxury Companions, how Karen and Dave are allowed to operate in Los Angeles unless they are paying somebody. You do not operate a hooker agency that big without cooperating. What that means is Derek, Karen the Armenian, Dave the Armenian, what they all have are records, phone calls and everything you could have and want so when the heat comes down you can trade out what you got....

What goes on with The Luxury Companions is amazing because it’s a criminal organization that operates with impunity out of the Vivid Entertainment building. Derek Hay’s name isn’t on The Luxury Companion paper work, but all his girls are on there, and you have a mountain of girls that will give you the connection.”...“How can Karen and Dave operate, and Heidi Fleiss goes to jail? I can give you names of wiseguys who’ve gone away for massage parlors. I happen to know, offhand, somebody who had a massage place that got busted for the accusal.

“This was the dumpiest massage place in the dumpiest ghetto in the world. They get busted, but [B]Karen and Dave fly girls into foreign countries to get abused by fucking princes[/B]. [B]You realize Karen and Dave set up, and, at times, coerce young girls to fly to Saudi Arabia to have sex with a prince?[/B]

“If they wanted to kill you over there, they can. You’re not being sent to Florida in a hotel room with a guy who’s supposed to have camera gear and it’ a gotcha private. You’re being sent to a country when they are mad at us find our contractors, kidnap them and live on camera sever their heads off.

“That’s where girls in our business are being sent - by Derek, Karen and Dave of The Luxury Companion. Even you salty, old time jerk off producers and directors, explain this to me. You’re cool with sending a 19 year old girl to Saudi Arabia to fuck whoever with the hope that she comes back?....for the right price, you can drown her or burn her with a cigarette. Anyone who works for Kink, for the right price, okay. Nobody finds an issue that agents, all their girls are hookers, and the girls are sent out in situations that are ungodly? Nobody finds it repugnant that [B]The Luxury Companion sends girls to Dubai[/B] [B]where you can vanish and never return? Nobody finds any of this disturbing? “They would if the lawsuits come out.”[/B]

Chances are good that the models Derek Hay is allegedly sending to Saudi Arabia aren't being informed about potential situations like this one:

They rarely escape since they spend most of their time within the confined parts of the palace compound under supervision. When the prince entertains his male friends he provides them with both male and female child sex slaves for their enjoyment. If he tires of a child sex slave he will sell it to another prince or sheik. It is believed once these sex slaves have outlived their usefulness they are dumped into Rubal Khali. It would be to dangerous to free them for fear of potential embarrassment to Saudi Arabian public relations abroad. One hears many stories along the Cote d'Azure of young girls being enticed to luxurious parties given by Saudi princes never to be seen again. Many young girls and boys along the French coast have stories of Saudi princes trying to entice them into their planes or boats for "a ride".

The Saudi princes have grown so sophisticated in enticing young girls and boys, they have even financed their own modeling and companion agencies within Europe and the United States to insure top quality merchandise and cut out the middle men (more on this here). Many models have stories of being solicited by Saudi princes or friends who have disappeared.


[B]Saudi Arabia's participation in international slavery has long been known by State Department careerists who are powerless to react for fear they will be destroyed professionally or will lose the deferred payments promised by Prince Bandar upon their retirement[/B]. Washington denies the existence of the international child sex slave industry just as the Justice Department denied the existence of the Mafia as an international crime syndicate. For several decades the Justice Department called all crime local allowing the Mafia to thrive in the US.

Now the Justice Department calls all nonparental child kidnapping local and finances police training accordingly. Ambassador Prince Bandar's Washington retainers see to it that very little is mentioned about the international Saudi prince child sex slave trade. Remember, one old Washington maxim is: "The one who controls the investigation wins."...In the United States shopping malls, amusement parks and video parlors are prowled by procurers. The Princes not only do not like dealing with the seemlier elements of the international child sex industry such as the street procurers but see the danger of the media picking their activities up, hence their own modeling agencies.

Lately, Saudi princes have begun moving into the modeling agency business to recruit male and female models for some shoot in a distant land never to be heard of again. Governor Prince Mohammed likes Hollywood where there are many boys and girls from which to entice into becoming sex slaves in Saudi Arabia under the ruse of film and modeling contracts. These sex slaves are allegedly sold and resold until they are used up whereupon they are helicoptered over Rubal Khali and dumped.


Speaking of Jonathan Aitken, the London Times reports: "But he had been in the Cabinet barely a year when he resigned to clear his name of media allegations of being dependent on Saudi money and procuring women for Arabs." (More about this here) Again, international media frequently attribute the degenerate behavior of Saudi princes to Arabs in general. In this case, Governor of the Eastern Province and son of King Fahd, Prince Mohammed used Aitken as a procurer of young girls through Aitken's health club.

The original pornwikileaks website authored by Donny Long exposed many of Derek Hay's labor law violations. Shortly after this happened was when Sean Tompkins, Michael Whiteacre and others connected to the Free Speech Coalition took the site over. Was the new stalker website aka therealpornwikileaks an attempt to stop Donny Long from exposing pimps and other criminals in the porn industry? The authors behind therealpornwikileaks are primarily connected to two groups, The Free Speech Coalition and the moderators on Given that these two groups represent the interests of business owners in the sex industry they would have much to gain by silencing whistleblowers speaking out about labor rights and safety violations. One company in particular is connected to both the FSC and xxxtp, namely JM Productions, who was also a target of Donny Long's. Donny wrote the following statement shortly before being harassed via online impersonators who used his name and identity to post potentially defamatory statements.

“As for JM Productions I cant tell you how many sets I have been on all day because the girl walked off in tears and they had to find a replacement. They are very disrespectful to the girls and very abusive to the point of getting indicted by the feds on occasion, READ UP ON IT THROUGH GOOGLE VERY EASY....I also didn’t want OSHA banging down my door like they are about to do to JM Productions.”

The group of cyberstalkers who continue to target Donny Long are connected to therealpornwikileaks website as well as Much of the slander, defamation and threats of physical harm directed at Monica Foster is coming directly from the xxxtp website. Desi Foxx has also been targeted with death threats on xxxtp. Xxxtp moderators including Sean Tompkins, Tony Malice and Mike Stack have refused to remove death threats and threats of rape towards these women. The owner of xxxtp, Mike Norton aka Jeff Steward, also owns JM Productions, the porn company that released a video called Donkey Punch in which a woman was punched in the back of the head.

Blows to the back of the head are also called rabbit punching. More from wikipedia: “A rabbit punch is a blow to the neck or to the base of the skull. It is considered especially dangerous because it can damage the cervical vertebrae and subsequently the spinal cord, which may lead to serious and irreparable spinal cord injury. A rabbit punch can also detach the victim's brain from the brain stem , which can kill instantly.” Rabbit punching is illegal in boxing and in mixed martial arts. Why doesn't the porn industry have similar regulations to protect the safety of performers? Does Mike Norton aka Jeff Steward's tolerance for women being abused in porn also extend to the women who are being threated with rape and murder on his website, xxxporntalk? Here is the domain name registration information for xxxporntalk. Notice that the registrant name is listed as Mike Norton, and the registrant organization is listed as JM Productions.

Mike Norton is apparently the legal name of porn producer Jeff Steward aka Jeff Mike. As the owner of JM Productions he is also the distributor of Khan Tusion's Pariah Pictures, Max Hardcore's Max World Entertainment and Jim Powers' Powersville Inc. Here is Mike Norton's Facebook page:‎‎

One company which is rumored to be closely connected to JM Productions is The Power Echange sex club which has locations in Las Vegas and San Francisco. The owner, Mike Powers, runs the business with his entire family.

From Huffington Post:
For the owner of (NSFW, obviously) Power Exchange in San Francisco, running a sex club is a family affair. As Michael Powers explains, Mom spent a day or two painting the kinky dairy cow room, 21-year-old son Joshua split his childhood between a Mormon mother and his slightly more devilish dad, and little sister Jennifer started working the cash register as a summer job and says of her own proclivities, "I'm conservative, but I'm not."
Mike Powers' myspace writings have been removed by the recent site redesign, however he previously wrote openly about his affiliations with Russian mafia. Powers also bragged about him and his sons “putting bodies in the ground” and talked about how they had chased the owners of the previous Power Exchange building out with baseball bats. Powers is also alleged to be affiliated with the Asian mafia through a San Francisco “medical marijuana” dispensary that operated a cocaine delivery service out of their building. This dispensary was called The Golden Triangle and has since closed. The Golden Triangle references the region in between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand which is one of two main opium-producing areas in Asia.

The Golden Triangle also represent the three points of the triad, which is a symbol for the Chinese Triads secret society that facilitates much of the criminal activity throughout the region. The CIA is alleged to have been involved in opium smuggling in the Golden Triangle area.

Asian organized crime networks still have an active presence in San Francisco. To cite one example, California State Senator Leland Yee was recently arrested on corruption and weapon trafficking charges.

via Golden Gate Express: An FBI agent removes bags of what seems to be evidence after raiding the Ghee Kung Tong temple and Chinese Freemasons building in Chinatown on Wednesday, March 26 following the arrest of Senator Leland Yee earlier this morning. Photo by Jessica Christian / Xpress California State Senator Leland Yee was arrested at his 24th Ave. home in a large-scale federal investigation this morning on charges that include corruption and conspiracy to illegally import and deal firearms...The FBI raids also targeted Raymond Chow, president of the Ghee Kung Tong fraternal organization and a former member of the American branch of the Hong Kong-based triad Wo Hop To. According to the affidavit, Chow is believed to currently hold a “489,” or supreme authority position in the internationally-based Chinese organized crime group, the Triad. Chow was sentenced to 25 years in prison due to gun charges in 1995 but was released two years later after agreeing to testify against other high ranking members of the organization. He also was involved in “such activities as heroin and cocaine trafficking, attempted murder, arson, robbery, gambling, and extortionate credit transactions” according to the affidavit.

Chinese Freemasons have a long history of participation in organized crime. more from
The Bing Kong Tong (Binggong Táng) was one of the powerful Tongs in San Francisco's Chinatown during the early 20th century with branches as far north as Seattle and inland into Arizona and Utah. By the 1930s it had started using the name "Chinese Free Masons" and today many of their buildings remain, displaying the masonic square and compasses or the phrase "Chinese Free Masons".

Asian mafia associate Mike Powers has claimed on Myspace to be ex-military and law enforcement. He also complained about being discriminated against as a white person and is a member of the paramilitary group The Oath Keepers. Here's a few photos of the faux police car, emblazoned with the phrase “Sex Squad”, that Powers drives around San Francisco.

The Las Vegas branch of the Power Exchange sex club was recently the site of a large cocaine bust.
Police have been fairly tight-lipped in the amount of information they are releasing. Apparently the warrants that were issued have been sealed, however tidbits of information recently made public by the attorneys of the Power Exchange indicate that the building is leased, and that the items taken, believed to be synthetic drugs, were removed from a separate warehouse area of the building...The sex club’s attorney Allen Lichtenstein said, There is also some speculation that the recent bust might be related to a very large synthetic drug bust, that occurred in 2011, just across the street from the Power Exchange.
In that raid, hundreds of pounds of synthetic marijuana and cocaine were seized and purportedly included a $30 million dollar drug laboratory.
The location was apparently being used a distribution point and the synthetic drugs were being moved to other states.
Here is evidence from Mike Powers' Facebook page that he is a member of the far-right Oath Keepers paramilitary group, which has been active in organizing racist citizen militias based on the organizational structure of U.S. Army Special Forces.

The Oath Keepers are responsible for organizing the armed stand-off at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada.

From Mother Jones:
Up until now, Oath Keepers has mainly been a bunch of pissed-off white dudes talking tough and holding meetings and rallies and so forth, but now the group is setting out to train Special Forces-esque "civilian preservation teams" to contend with the apocalyptic future they see coming to America. "We are flat running out of time and we need to get as prepared as possible as fast as possible," the group's founder, a lawyer named Stuart Rhodes, wrote to the group's members....Rhodes lays out the course of action he predicts "the enemy"—the government—is preparing to follow, including "intentionally triggering a catastrophic economic collapse" as a means of creating disorder that they will then use as an excuse to impose martial law, destroy the constitution and use the billions of dollars in ammunition, armored vehicles and weapons he claims the Department of Homeland Security and local police have been stockpiling "to control and contain us."...The group's rhetoric is also pretty disingenuous, given Oath Keepers' tight relationship with the tea party movement, whose faction in Congress is the one holding a gun to America's head and threatening to put the economy at serious risk. ...These proposed 12-to-14 person groups are modeled after the U.S. Army's Special Forces "A Team," with two communications experts, two medical experts, two engineers, two "strategic food reserve" specialists, and four-to-six "scouts" to be trained specifically in tracking, search and rescue, wilderness survival, rifle shooting and, of course, combat.”
The Oath Keepers' official liason to the U.S. Marine Corp, Charles Dyer, was recently sent to prison for raping his six-year-old daughter. More from SPLC:
In the end, the antigovernment rhetoric that so energized his defense couldn’t save Charles Dyer, the former Marine and member of the antigovernment Oath Keepers organization accused of raping his own 6-year-old daughter. ---videos online, part of a series meant to highlight the Oath Keepers’ more important members, identify Dyer as the group’s official liaison to the U.S. Marine Corps.

The Powers organized crime family is allegedly very active in multiple areas of the sex industry, from the sex club business to pornography to child sex trafficking. In particular, there are many producers, models an directors with the Powers surname working for

more from Huffington Post:
Three more priests were permanently removed from ministry by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on Sunday, including one whose accuser killed himself after his allegation was dismissed by church officials.
The Revs. Joseph Gallagher and Mark Gaspar were suspended following a scathing 2011 grand jury report that ultimately led to the landmark conviction of a high-ranking archdiocese official on child endangerment charges. Two other priests and a Catholic school teacher were also convicted.
….A third priest, [B]Monsignor Richard Powers, was not among the priests suspended following the grand jury investigation. The archdiocese said he was suspended last year after his name surfaced on a list of priests previously accused of sexual abuse.[/B]
from NBC:
An Augusta County judge is sending the grand jury more than 100 child pornography and sex charges against a Raphine man. Wednesday a judge
certified 166 charges against 34-year-old Darby Powers.
[B]Powers is accused of soliciting a girl under the age of 15 and producing child pornography.[/B] Investigators say an illicit photo on Twitter led them to discover thousands of pictures on Powers' computer. Powers is set for a two-day jury trial after pleading not guilty Tuesday in Ionia County 8th Circuit Court.
Powers, 33, of Saranac, has been charged with using a computer to commit a felony and possession of child pornography.
He is accused of soliciting and possessing sexually explicit photographs of a female under the age of 18, said Detective Phillip Hesche of the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office, who is investigating the case.
A Waterloo man faces up to 35 years in prison after jurors found him guilty of molesting a girl over a number of years....Assistant County Attorney Linda Fangman said Powers began abusing the girl in 2002 when she was 7, and the incidents continued until she was 13.
Scott N. Powers, the former CEO of Arizona-based mortgage loan originator American Mortgage Specialists Inc. (AMS), and David McMaster, a former officer of AMS, were sentenced today to serve 96 and 188 months in prison, respectively, for their roles in a $28 million scheme to defraud North Dakota-based BNC National Bank (BNC). ...[B]Powers and McMaster pleaded guilty on Oct. 19, 2012, to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud affecting a financial institution. [/B]
According to court documents, Powers and McMaster conspired from October 2007 to April 2010 to defraud BNC by making false representations regarding the financial and operational condition of AMS in order to obtain funding from BNC and personal benefits for themselves.

CALEB POWERS CONVICTED.; Kentucky's ex-Secretary of State Again Found Guilty as an Accessory to Murder of William Goebel.

[B]Pilot Francis Gary Powers Friday night was convicted as a spy by the Soviet Union[/B],1264091
Many members of the Powers family belong to an organized crime syndicate that has connections to military-intelligence. This is because the family has inroads to the ruling class via their royal heritage. Via :
The final and most plausible theory for the evolution of the name comes from the claim that all Powers name bearers descend from Comte de Poher in Bretagne whose family line is rumored to have become extinct around 937. If this theory is correct, the family's genealogy may extend as far back as Clovis, the Merovingian Frankish conqueror of ancient Gaul. Descendants of Clovis fled to Brittany during the Carolingian overtaking of the Frankish empire. Gemege, a direct descendant of Clovis, married the count of Poher sometime around 900.

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