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Free Speech Coalition is a Mafia Front: Part Seven

Mafia presence within the sex industry has been well established since its inception, and there has always been a great deal of overlap between mafia interests and those of the international intelligence community.

Kathleen Sullivan, a survivor of trauma-based mind control, writes:
There are a lot of cross-overs here between the CIA, the Mafia, and several other federal and intelligence agencies, including the Pentagon...Back during WWII the OSS and the military recruited a lot of Mob figures, especially out of Italy, to do actual spying for them on the government they were trying to get more information on...Kathleen is alleging that the CIA, NASA and the Mafia used her in assassination operations, espionage, criminal acts and for bodyguarding

Organized crime in San Francisco runs all but one strip club, The Lusty Lady which is unionized. SF city government and law enforcement helps to suppress workers rights in all other strip clubs which are owned in large part by the Patel family and their associates. more via labornet:

‎After exotic dancers and union supporters met with SF Police Chief Heather Fong regarding coerced prostitution, sexual assaults, and rapes that have been happening for years in SF strip clubs (dancers first went to the police asking for help regarding these issues in 1996), the SFPD sent out a non-threatening letter to SF strip club owners regarding relevant police codes. ….Robert Halaand, political organizer for SEIU Local 790, and friend and supporter of owner of illegally-operating strip club owner Terence Alan, (Alan¹s web-site business has worked for Déjà Vu for years as well), asked Daisy to come to a "mediation" with him and illegally operating strip-club owner Alan, and Alan revealed what the police said at the meeting and stated that when the police made raids in the clubs that spring, they were telling dancers and managers that "they were raiding the clubs because of Daisy Anarchy."

….police should not arrest dancers engaging in prostitution, but rather should help and support dancers coming forth regarding the coerced prostitution in the clubs, and should work to end the conditions the club owners have created with dangerous private booths and illegal fees dancers are forced to pay to work. Like many other dancers, Daisy believes in the decriminalization of adult consensual prostitution, but is against the prostitution in the strip clubs, which over the last decade has resulted in the wide-spread coercion into prostitution, sexual assault and rape in the clubs....The Mitchells Brother O¹Farrell Theater posts a sign in the dressing room asking dancers that know Daisy to speak to the management. Management then tells dancers that even though they have phone numbers for Daisy, convicted murderer Jim Mitchell wants Daisy¹s home address. When Daisy makes a police report regarding this, SFPD threaten Daisy, telling her the Mitchell Brother(s) could take legal action against her for making a police report, which is untrue.

Below is a comprehensive list of San Francisco strip clubs and the labor and safety laws that each club routinely violates.
Terrance Alan is a strip club owner who also works on a city government commission organized for the purpose of regulating night clubs. His post is obviously a major conflict of interest. Terrance Alan, who owns the building in the Tenderloin where the notorious Pink Diamonds strip club is housed. With all the problems at the club, including gunfire, violence, and a shooting death, Alan has become the symbol for the ”fox in the henhouse” criticism of the Commission. How can he be expected to regulate clubs when his building houses one of the worst offenders?

Jim Mitchell, the strip club owner mentioned above for having stalked a labor organizer in one of his clubs, is commonly known as one of the major figures of the “Golden Era of Porn”. He and his brother Artie produced and directed Behind the Green Door, one of the most famous porn movies of all time. Jim Mitchell spent only 6 years in prison after fatally shooting his brother Artie. Mithcell's son James was recently convicted of murdering his own girlfriend.

from Porn in the Valley:
James Raphael Mitchell, the 29-year-old son of porn pioneer Jim Mitchell, has been sentenced to 35-life in prison for beating his girlfriend, Danielle Keller, to death with a baseball bat in 2009 as she held their 1-year-old son in her arms. Mitchell was convicted July 12 of first-degree murder, kidnapping, child endangerment, child abduction, domestic violence and stalking.

The following Monica Foster commentary includes footage of AVN Hall of Fame member Angel Kelly saying porn stars can't unionize because they will be killed by the mob. Another porn star refuses to answer questions.
Angel Kelly's statement isn't entirely true because The Lusty Lady strip club in San Francisco has successfully unionized despite heavy mafia activity in the strip club business, and there are numerous other examples of sex worker cooperatives internationally as well. However, Angel Kelly does bring an important issue to light, namely that most public representatives of the pro-decriminalization arguments tend to be wealthy, college-educated white women who haven't had to work their way up from the bottom of the food chain, and therefore have no idea about how organized crime can and has suppressed workers' efforts to unionize. This is one of the big problems of the decriminalization movement, that, too often, it's being led by individuals who don't come from a working class background and are not informed or adequately prepared to deal with issues like organized crime.

Some sex industry labor organizers will take issue with Monica Foster's history of publicly listing modeling agencies that function as prostitution rings, considering that having those companies' employees arrested will hardly be a helpful development for them. Read this article from the supervising attorney of a project designed to provide legal aid to people charged with prostitution to see how recent “anti-human trafficking” efforts have resulted in harmful consequences for those supposed victims the measure was intended to assist.

A more effective strategy may be to exclusively target and expose employers who fragrantly violate labor laws such as minimum wage requirements. In at least one circumstance, a performer was paid for the work she did with Ideal Image Studios after Monica Foster's pornstarhookeralert website as well as the Mike South website publicized the company's refusal of payment. Here is a petition to investigate Ideal Image studios on account of their broken minimum wage and safety laws as defined by Cal-Osha regulations.
Nonpayment of employees' wages is far too common in the industry, and one reason this happens is because many conservative police officers refuse to enforce labor laws. Law enforcement also has a long history of refusing to investigate violent crimes against sex workers, who usually don't report the crimes in the first place because they know it will only result in attacks on their character. For many with personal knowledge of the truly horrible and disturbing crimes that occur in the business, the logical conclusion may be that the sex industry is evil and should be eliminated.

Consider the possibility that this attitude itself is what allows the abuse to thrive, since it effectively assigns sex workers a status as second class citizens, similar to immigrants or other marginalized social groups. As a result, many sex workers don't feel entitled to worker rights or police protection. When they attempt to leave the industry, discrimination resulting from social stigma limits the availability of jobs. The social stigma that limits their employment opportunities is a product of a socially conservative society, and not a product of the sex industry itself. The culturally reinforced perceived inferiority of sex workers is the main reason why serial killers' most common target is the street level prostitute.

Violent psychopaths like Khan Tusion and Max Hardcore are, at heart, social conservatives because they believe women who have sex on camera are inferior. It shouldn't be a surprise that the Sicilian Mafia has traditionally been comprised of devoted Catholics, because the self-loathing any good Catholic should cultivate is necessary for encouraging mindless obedience to ruthless authority figures such as corrupt clergy or the mafia don. Unthinking obedience to unjust authorities always requires self-loathing because perpetration of injustice demands denial of the core self determined by a legitimate value system.

The mafia has, from its origins, always been a right wing organization because it was founded to protect the property rights of the former landed aristocracy when feudalism ended. Therefore any attempt to eliminate organized crime in the sex industry should not stop with decriminalization, but should extend to demands of adequate worker rights and safety regulations, not to mention an end to the fiscal austerity measures that have forced so many sex workers into the industry in the first place. Here is a short list of demands to start with via the International Union for Sex Workers:

All workers including sex workers have the right to:
full protection of all existing laws, regardless of the context and without discrimination. These include all laws relating to harassment, violence, threats, intimidation, health and safety and theft.
access the full range of employment, contract and property laws.
participate in and leave the sex industry without stigma
full and voluntary access to non-discriminatory health checks and medical advice.

Here is a relevant letter from the attorney of Desi Foxx:

American workers are just that. They ALL deserve workers rights and protections. Widespread employment practices within the industry violate a number of California laws and regulations, exposing performers to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the risk of privacy breaches, while exposing the industry itself to significant potential liability. (2) Despite this, lawsuits brought by performers in connection with industry health practices are extremely rare. A combination of factors, including workers’ strong desire for anonymity, fear of being blacklisted, lack of access to counsel and unawareness of legal fights appear to have largely shielded the industry from lawsuits to date. Whether or not this status quo will endure depends upon whether performers choose to exercise their substantial legal leverage over the industry....

Jenna Jameson, possibly the most famous adult film actress in the world, has acknowledged that performers do not insist on condom use because they are afraid that doing so will result in a loss of work. In a recent interview, she stated: “The fact is that safe sex is not continuously practiced in the adult film world, it’s something that’s left up to the performers and usually the women say yes or no and I think a lot of the women feel pressure to not use condoms because they’re in fear of not getting hired by that company again....Current regulations, at both the state and federal level, require condom use and employer-funded medical care for workers expected to engage in sexual intercourse on the job. But these legal requirements are largely ignored by the adult film industry.

These regulations are commonly and collectively referred to as the “bloodborne pathogen standard” and require the use of barrier protection to shield any employees who can be “reasonably anticipated” to experience workplace exposure to blood and “other potentially infectious materials,” including semen, vaginal secretions, and any other bodily fluid that is visibly contaminated with blood such as saliva....The vast majority of producers within the adult film industry, however, continue to operate in direct violation of these workplace safety regulations....A little-used but remarkably powerful California employment law may be the most effective means for performers to exercise control over health and safety conditions within the adult film industry. The California Private Attorney General Act of 2004 (PAGA) allows a single employee to sue an employer for multiple violations of workplace regulations and collect penalties that would ordinarily be collected by state agencies.

Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors
In the effort to avoid workplace safety regulations by classifying adult film performers as independent contractors, the producers of adult films may have inadvertently opened an entirely new avenue of liability. Although the deliberate misclassification of employees as independent contractors is unlikely to shield employers from workplace safety rules, it can expose employers to significant liability under a measure recently signed into law in California. California Senate Bill 459 (SB 459) significantly increases the penalties for employers who willfully misclassify employees as independent contractors.

The most likely, and unfortunate, explanation for the dearth of litigation stemming from workplace health and safety issues within the adult film industry is fear of retaliation. ...The very real threat that, if a performer speaks out against industry practices others within the industry will publish as much damaging or embarrassing information as they can find about them, appears to be a very effective deterrent to litigation and advocacy by performers.
When Monica Foster, a former performer, recently expressed anger regarding the breach of her confidential information, the parties responsible for Pornwikileaks viciously targeted her by publicly posting the address and a photograph of her home and her parents’ addresses and photographs of their homes, and orchestrated a campaign to inform the school where the performer’s mother works as a teacher about the performer’s work in adult films. (80) Ms. Foster states:
I'll never forget the terror of not only seeing photographs of my
apartment building that I resided in at the time along with my real
name, phone number, and other personal information listed on that
site, but photographs of my mother's, father's, and sister's faces,
residences, addresses, satellite photos of their neighborhoods,
places of where they were employed, estimated home values and other
details of their lives as well listed.
Negative, slanderous racial and homophobic remarks were plastered
in regards to myself and family members on multiple threads
throughout the pornwikileaks website and it didn't stop there.
Myself and my family members consistently received threatening
emails and phone calls--even phone calls from the site's
users/members were made to my mother's place of employment and to
the manager of my apartment building. (81)
The Pornwikileaks incident underscored just how vulnerable adult film performers are to public disclosures of private facts. The very legitimate fear of exposure, blacklisting, and public attacks by others within the industry seems to be a sufficient incentive against any form of activism by adult film performers, including litigation.
There are many other possible explanations for the fact that performers have not brought litigation against producers in the adult film industry. Smaller adult film production companies may be insolvent or hide their assets. Producers of adult films frequently operate under multiple corporate identities, making it difficult to determine which entity is an “employer” subject to workplace safety regulations. And smaller adult film producers simply dissolve whatever corporation it is that they formed to produce any specific adult film, and then immediately reincorporate as a new production company.
...It is possible that adult film performers simply lack access to legal resources. Attorneys may be unwilling to try to assert new and untested claims against an industry that, at least in the First Amendment realm, has a reputation for aggressive litigation and not-infrequent legal victories. There is also significant stigma against adult film performers that might discourage attorneys from taking performers on as clients. As one observer of the industry has noted, “Porn stars–people think they’re not worth the time. The public sees these people as disposable.” --Brian Chase, one of the AHF attorneys who took our lawsuit pro bono.

It's easy to see why the Free Speech Coalition, which bills itself as the sex industry trade association, is not equipped to pursue worker rights in an equitable way, since it represents the interests of the owning class and not the workers. The FSC essentially functions as a mafia front group that lobbies for criminal elements to be able to set workplace standards with zero input from the workers themselves. One of many mafia-connected individuals affiliated with the FSC is Larry Flynt.

From the Frisky:
The Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry trade association, has named Hustler founder and publisher Larry Flynt as the recipient of its annual Legacy Award, to be presented at the 2009 FSC Awards in Los Angeles on November 14

Hustler also hosted a fundraiser for the FSC at the Whisky a Go Go club in LA:

Here's some information on Flynt's mafia connections from Columbus Monthly magazine:
[Flynt] was an evangelical Christian for one year, converted in 1977 by evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton, the sister of President Jimmy Carter. He stated that he became "born again" and that he had a vision from God while flying with Stapleton in his jet. He continued to publish his magazine, however, vowing to "hustle for God."...A straight-laced banker, Alex didn’t want to be with me as I joked around with my old Hustler buddies. Before the movie started, she noticed a dark-haired man dressed in a black fedora and a dark overcoat enter the theater. A scar ran down the side of his face, and part of his left arm was missing. “Oh my god, he’s mafia,” she told her boyfriend. The man walked down the aisle and, to her surprise, headed straight for me. He was an old friend named Michael. (And, yes, he was a gangster; his missing arm was blown off by a shotgun.) --Roger Ollie Brook, Flynt's bodyguard

more about the man that the Free Speech Coalition determined is worthy of a Legacy Award:

While awaiting the Supreme Court decision, Flynt's wife Althea, diagnosed with AIDS and addicted to drugs, drowned in the bathtub at their California home at the age of 33. ….According to author John Heidenry (a former editor at Penthouse Forum), he occasionally beat her. In an interview in Hustler, Althea once said, "I don't see anything wrong with a man striking a woman. In fact, many women are turned on by it." ...Heidenry, in his book What Wild Ecstasy, claims that Althea's death was actually a murder ordered by Mafia loan sharks from south Florida. According to Heidenry, Flynt was "deeply in hock" to the mob, and they felt that Althea "knew too much" and had to be eliminated....In recent years, one of Flynt's daughters, Tonya Flynt-Vega, accused him of sexually molesting her, and in 1998 she published a book about her childhood experiences and her later spiritual awakening. According to Slate, a former brother-in-law gave Penthouse an interview in which he accused Flynt of molesting another daughter. Charges were never filed against him.

Again, this one speaks for itself:
I ask about a comic strip he [Flynt] ran in Hustler for 13 years, called "Chester The Molester". It featured an old man who, in each strip, would trick prepubescent or adolescent girls into pleasuring him. A typical cartoon shows a little girl in a hiked-up dress hurtling down a playground slide, while Chester the Molester is waiting at the bottom with his tongue hanging out. The man who drew the cartoon, Dwaine Tinsley, was convicted of raping his own daughter, Alison, and of forcing her to take birth control pills from her 13th birthday onwards. He served two years in prison – and Hustler continued to publish the cartoons drawn from his jail cell.

The Free Speech Coalition is also closely connected to Marc Randazza, below, a First Amendment attorney and alleged pimp with ties to Russian mafia:

“Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition–the adult industry’s trade association–introduced First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza and myself. Randazza explained obscenity laws, 2257 laws and gave a rousing speech about our rights and how we must fight for them every step of the way.”

Here are screen caps of Randazza discussing how the porn industry should move to Vegas to avoid condom laws.

more from
In 2011, it came to the attention of Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster that Randazza Legal Group employee James Malcolm DeVoy was working with and assisting Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (of The Real Pornwikileaks) in his stalking of anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben. (See screen cap below):

As of today (February 15, 2014) Bass / Whiteacre has made it known publicly that he is monitoring and recording Alexandra Mayers on her live webcam (of which she performs solo independent live shows as Monica Foster). Bass / Whiteacre has an extensive history of stalking, harassing and threatening Alexandra Mayers and her family members along with various other camgirls, pornstars, ex pornstars and anti-porn activists.
This development is on the heels of Alexandra Mayers making it clear she will be taking legal action against Randazza Legal Group and the privately owned company GoDaddy.

As of February 13, 2014 it came to Alexandra Mayers’ attention, that Marc Randazza abused the United States legal and court system in conjunction with GoDaddy in attempt to subpoena her personal information. Randazza it appears has withdrawn the subpoena and his employee attorney Ronald D. Green has admitted fault in the matter to Crystal Cox. As of current it appears that Ari Bass may be monitoring Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster’s live cam shows on behalf of Randazza Legal Group (Marc Randazza specifically). In addition Ari Bass has stated on his twitter he is relocating to the Las Vegas, NV area (fairly close to where Randazza Legal Group offices located). It is advised that independent solo webcam performers use extreme caution if contacted by (and not work with) Bass / Whiteacre or anyone attached to Randazza Legal Group.
more from Monica Foster:
“Marc Randazza researched (without my authorization) and posted the make and model of a car I previously had on suggesting that I drive off a cliff – some would perceive this as a threat that my brakes may be cut on my vehicle.” ---MF

Another researcher who has worked to expose Marc Randazza's criminal activity is Crystal Cox, who was sued for defamation by Obsidian Finance Group after she accused the company of corrupt and fraudulent conduct including tax fraud and paying off politicians and the media. Cox claims that Randazza, while acting as her attorney, collaborated with Obsidian to shield evidence of the company's illegal actions.

More about the case from the LA Times:
“Defendant is in fear of her life over the actions of Marc Randazza and his threats, and connections to a ring of bloggers and stalkers…Marc Randazza is alleged to have mafia ties and this is a very real threat to the life of Crystal Cox.…”This is very real, I also believe that Plaintiff has ties to Russian Mafia and feel that my life is in constant danger and I am under constant duress and harassment from Plaintiff’s Attorney David Aman Tonkon Torp and now also Marc Randazza, attorney working with the Plaintiff to silence me for mutual benefits and in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights.”,0,3524030.story#ixzz2rIBmYBjD

Porn News Today comments:
This Ninth Circuit WIN is for ALL citizen journalists, investigative bloggers, anti-corruption bloggers and whistleblowers. Those reporting on corruption in our courts do not have a voice other than blogs. It is imperative in our times that citizen journalists...have equal rights to those in traditional media. Otherwise corruption and greed that violates human rights will continue to be rampant and the lives of the victims of corruption will continue to suffer in every way.

This win is very exciting and relieving to me, personally, as I have held onto to this appeal in the face of extreme adversary. I have been threatened to stop the appeal. I have been harassed, gang stalked, stripped of all money and business opportunity I have had my appeal rights attempted to be auctioned off by a Portland Oregon Sheriff via the shenanigans of my former attorney Marc Randazza and the Plaintiff’s Attorneys David Aman and Steven Wilker. I have lost everything I knew to be my life before all of this in every way, and have been put under constant attack and duress for several years.

Part 8

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